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The DNA data storage revolution is here !

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Experience the future of DNA data storage technology
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Welcome to the future of data storage with Biomemory.

Encode your most precious text in the language of DNA on a DNA Card

To test the retrieval of your data, we included one free sequencing by the world-renowned leader in DNA analysis, Eurofins Genomics. They will handle the decoding process and send you back your ACTGs. In our DNA Card kit, you'll find everything you need for hassle-free submission to Eurofins Genomics. Your user page will feature a decoder that will provide you back with your initial text. Unfortunately, this DNA Card will be lost. This is why, as one of our pioneers, we decided to include in your order a copy so that one can be kept for eternity. This is a glimpse into the future of secure, eco-conscious, and personal data storage. Explore a sustainable world of possibilities with Biomemory…

Unlocking the Future of Data Storage


Our DNA card embodies unmatched durability, ensuring the safety of the precious molecules. With billions of copies in a single card, you can trust its readability for centuries to come.


Eco-Friendly: We're committed to sustainability. Our DNA card is designed to be recyclable, and our DNA synthesizing process is fully biosourced.

Maximum Security

Our DNA card offers offline data storage, creating an impenetrable fortress for your data. We guarantee unparalleled protection against unauthorized access, making it one of the most secure data storage solutions available.

Timeless Compatibility

Our compact DNA card adheres to universal standards both in its form and its content. As the pursuit of DNA sequencing remains an evergreen endeavor, our DNA card promises readability for as long as humankind thrives.


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